I think with all the things that have gone on in the past few weeks it is important for me to restate my aims and tell the ways that I aim to move forward with this venture. As you should know, I left London on the 18th February with other riders with the aim to race around the world. This has been far from incident free for some riders!


I have had two crashes and damaged the bicycle, Sean Conway has had a nasty accident and also damaged his bicycle. Stephen Phillips has had issues with his achillies and had to take a rest break and Simon Hutchinson has spent a spell in hospital recovering from dehydration in India. This is without mentioning Jason Woodhouse’s problems on the first day meaning he didn’t get going for over a week past the start when returning to the UK.


I bet that none of us foresaw any of these problems occurring when we all met for coffee the day before the event and spoke excitedly about our routes and our last minute preparation. I have been in limbo for a while now as my frame is damaged beyond repair and I can’t ride forward without it. I could not find somewhere to get a new frame in India or Nepal so am now in Bangkok.


I have been in contact with Tout Terrain, a German company who have some quite innovative designs with their touring bicycles, like the integrated back rack into the frame and the USB charging device called the plug which is discreet and most importantly works well. They have agreed to supply me with the parts that I need which I am ecstatic about, for one I am a student and whenever I look at the bank account it strikes fear into me and secondly, it’s a company which make quality products and I’m not just saying that! I will be looking forward to my new bike build and telling all how it rides.


So there! I will have a bicycle operational to carry on around the world! I don’t think I am going to be achieving any records, nor do I believe that Guinness specification will be met entirely, but I still intend to complete the route and do as close to 18,000 miles in total. I think North America is a place where I can make up a lot of miles if I can plan a great route.


The journey has been a long and tiring one to this point but I look forward to getting back on the bicycle, the days of the frozen beard and winter gear may be behind me but the journey will no doubt be still full of surprises, one can hope for a bit of a change in luck in the future and am positive about the next few legs, I have friends dotted about this part of the world so am happy to keep things moving.


I really cannot wait to get back on the bicycle though. It will be great to do what I actually intend to do and enjoy the wilderness side of things. I have a feeling this will be possible in parts of my Australian and US legs which still seem a fair way away.


So, awaiting a frame and then a bike build and I will be ready to go! I cannot wait and will be sure to get some videos I have online from India shortly, including one which I will dub the Audio book version of parts 1-3 of the tale at a staggering 25 minutes in length.