What an ordeal that was, who knew flying could be so stressful! Either way I am in the land of smiles now and cannot say the transit in Delhi did anything to cure my sour views of India. Here is how my day has panned out;

I woke up at 4 AM. Plan was to get up early and make it to the airport but not this early. I could feel my stomach was swollen and after an illness less than 48 hours previous I knew what this meant. I waited for further confirmation and a sinisterly nasty eggy burp came out. Yes, I was in for a fun day of traveling with further food poisoning.

I started to package up my things and get ready for the airport. I had a 20 kg allowance and was carrying around 40 so had to try get as much as possible in hand bag to minimize costs.

The lack of appetite and stomach cramps meant I was keeping toilet roll close, a rarity out in Nepal as left hand is the common method.

Arriving at airport I went to the counter and they explained my allowance was only 20kg. I tried to act shocked like I didn’t realize but they were professional and said I would need to pay excess. I couldn’t work out the charges but it was £60 for 10kg they charged me. My luggage was 34 total but they charge me only for 30 so that’s something.

The plane journey was uneventful and we arrived in Delhi at 11 30. The issue was the plane I was suppose to transfer to left at 12 15, I knew India was dumb and they make you do security again so this was going to be tight!

There were many others in same position but no one from the airline was present! Joined the massive queue for security and tried to explain the situation. All the Indians just said wait and relax. I felt uneasy and queued with about 15 other similar aged people in same position.

Eventually I got to the screening. They were not happy with my bag. I had nice rope which they took. A roll of tape which they took. They nearly took me carabiners, and were going to take my brake and gear cable but I kicked up a fuss and they didn’t. Bastards!

There wasn’t much time to argue I climbed the escalator to the terminal and saw the flight on the screen, ‘Gate Closed.’ What a joke I thought but made my way to the gate with some others. I would of been mad to spend any longer in India and round the corner an official from the airline said ‘Bangkok?’ After saying yes, he said run this was. I was dehydrated. I was tired and I was ill so said I would walk!

About 8 of us made it on the plane. I feel sorry for the others and I was off to Bangkok! Arriving at 18 30 I just wanted to get to the hotel which I got good deal on like £8 a night it’s as good as any I have stayed in!

I arrived and checked in. ‘We have upgraded you to a better room for your stay free of charge.’ I like Thailand. Someone had my bags up in the room for me and didn’t hang about for a tip. A different world here! I have a plan forward which I will divulge tomorrow. I now have regular connection so should be able to get some content up!