So the bus from Kampur was fairly straight forward left at 9 PM did not manage to sleep and got to the border at around 7 30 AM.

When arriving, the driver asked me for 200 rupees for no apparent reason.
I told him where to go in better language and got my bike off the bus to the preying vultures of Rickshaw drivers below. Once they realized I was going to the border they gave up trying to get my business as it turned out the border was around the corner.

I walked to the border and saw a guard, he told me to leave my bike with him and go to the next post, I did this and was promptly told that this border had no immigration and therefore I could not cross here.

Kind of figures that a local bus goes to a local border. I didn’t really enjoy this much and was determined to have rice and lentils before sleeping in Pokhara that night and this was another set back! I got told I must head to Sunauli which was 70 km away. I counted my money and decided I would just get a car whatever the cost within reason so went back toward the vultures.

I started asking cars away from the masses to take me to Sunauli but none were forthcoming so I joined the masses and said where I needed to go. I got offered a ride for 2500 rs a ridiculous price in all honesty this journey should cost maybe 2/300 I said 1500 and they said 1800 I was very tired so accepted.

With my bike and me loaded in the car we sped to the border at a whopping 30km/hour dodgy roads were to blame. I did not trust the drivers at all so had my tracker on and was following close on GPS. We got close and they got out to eat. I just wanted to go but could do with a drink so got some water and some nuts. We left and I didn’t pay, this would later come back to screw me over either more.

About 10 mins after the stop we arrived at the border I unloaded the bike and loaded gear on it so I could wheel it over the border. Driver wanted money and I only had 2 1000 rs notes. I knew I wouldn’t get 200 change I could just sense it.

He tried to explain the price of the stop was 200. I said it was 50 tops if that, he gave me 30 rs back, I was at the border and that was the main thing. I could have knocked the kid out but violence is wrong especially so close to peaceful Nepal.

I was in Sunauli and wheeled toward the border. I saw a sign for Indian immigration and saw a stop on the right side. I went in and they gave me a leaving form to fill out and gave me an exit stamp. Thank the lord for that!

I continued to wheel over the border and under the ‘welcome to Nepal’ banner. That wasn’t hard and you could literally walk across without getting a stamp or anything quite easily!

I saw a sign for Nepal immigration and went to get my visa. I spoke some Nepali to the guys inside and was just thankful to be there. Got a 3 month visa for $100 as plans were unclear and filled in the paperwork and gave the 1 required photo.

Said I had been before and liked the place and the guys were warm and friendly. I left and was on my way. Outside a guy asked if I needed a bus to Pokhara or Kathmandu, I said Pokhara but was dubious to what he would charge as he was an obvious middle man. He explained he could sort me a bus to Pokhara, taxi transfer to a hotel and a nights stay for 1400 Nepali Rupees which is about 12 quid.

Sleep deprivation got to me and I accepted, I could of done it alone for perhaps half the price but this was a stress free way. Only thing was the bus did not leave for 3 hours and arrived at 2 AM. I was happy to chill for a while and watched the chaos of the border from a restaurant.

I got on the bus to Pokhara, my bike was loaded and people didn’t ask for a tip! I got chatting to the ticket guys and they were friendly and let me sit at front as legs and knees get killed on buses. I gave them my version of classic Nepali folk song ‘Resham Piriri’ and they all laughed. Happy people. I took part in the infamous Nepali pee breaks where you stop all of a sudden and maybe 20 men get out and line the road and pee together! Quite social! And stopped for rice at around 10 PM.

We arrived around 2 AM and there was a taxi there for me. Don’t you love it when things work? I got to the hotel and slept. Finally in Pokhara a way forward has been reached and I can continue this journey.

I feel in next blog I need to restate my aims of this trip. It started out as part of the World Cycle Racing – Grand Tour which I am still happy to be involved with albeit not the quickest member. I have also sorted a solution for the way forward which I can explain.

I am going to Okhle village (