After the issues with the bike which were a result of the crash in Ukraine and my subsequent decision to return to the UK to get things sorted the next stage of my journey has happened and I am in Mumbai, India.

Flying out of London was relatively uneventful, I flew with Jet Airways who don’t charge extra for bikes as long as it fits the baggage policy. I met Malcolm from QuickEnergy at the airport who did an interview with me which should be appearing soon and I thanked him for sorting out accom the day before my flight.

Arriving in India at 00:00 and the airport was busy! I got through security okay and collected baggage. No damages to report although after setting bike up and walking it through customs, the front tyre went flat… Great fixing a tyre at 1 AM is what we all love.

I attracted a fair deal of attention from airport staff but they were pleasant and just curious so didn’t mind. With the wheel back on I saw a sign for drinking water so stocked up filling all my bottles and drinking a fair amount.

I stepped outside the airport and it was around 02:00. I got the GPS out as I needed to find the road and this is best way. I started to cycle and experience the madness. Rickshaws were honking me to say hey and the road was a free for all drive where you like.

I started to go past some stray dogs. Some chased me and a growl from me would put them off. Some were more persistent and I pedaled fast and some groups were 5-8 dogs strong and I would turn and face them if they came after me this deters them but makes for slow progress. Dogs are a pain but I feel confident in dealing with them.

There were people everywhere still at like 03:00 and it makes you wonder if people sleep here. I made it close to the route 3 which I will be following for the majority of time here and saw signs for a hotel and decided to call in.

In the night my front tyre went flat again. I felt rubbish and thought I would fix in morning, to deal with timezone I decided to have today to sort things out with luggage and inspect the wheel carefully.

It is pretty hot here but I think early start tomorrow will be a good way to go. Want to get to Nepal asap in all honesty. In high spirits though and looking forward to this leg.