So title says it all, I have been quiet for a few days now but have had some big decisions to make and therefore wanted to ensure that I made the right decision before declaring publically my intentions. In Ukraine I had a crash and the bike and set up was damaged and I didn’t feel comfortable carrying on with the set up so had to look for a fix.

I had conversations with some of the other riders and also with some other people involved with the race and the general view was that I had to carry on and I had lots of support and that I needed to get things sorted. The best way forward I felt would be to have a drastic route change and return to the UK briefly to get the bike sorted before bypassing Russia and Kazakhstan and flying to India where I will be carrying on a new version of my route.

The reason why this has become more difficult is because the visas to Russia and Kazakhstan are fixed and with the delays my original route was looking more and more less likely to fit in. Unlike other visas, these have an entry and an exit date so are fixed and are unlike other visas with just a simple enter before date.

I am very frustrated with the way this has panned out as I know I had not chosen the simplest of routes but believe it or not I was enjoying the snow and the conditions. I was just getting into my stride and upping the distances but then this happened. I am confident to get going again and go to India later this week.

My main priorities at the minute are fixing the bike back up to a state that I am comfortable with and changing my luggage arrangements due to damage to the front panniers meaning they need replacing. Luckily the guys at Brooks are very supportive and are sending me some replacements as soon as possible so for this I am grateful.

This race has already shown me tremendous support and it isn’t necessarily the case that I am going to win it but finishing is important. I realise my route has now changed and I will update the guys at trackleaders accordingly. I still plan to do 18,000 miles in the same direction and cross two opposite points. Slow and steady wins the race and it is important I can carry on with this and live my dreams. I hope for some better luck in India and am looking forward to some new challenges.