Okay just a quick one, today I crossed into Ukraine from Poland. I took the road to the east of Chelm at Dorohusk and made it to the border in the afternoon after a day of riding. I zipped up the side of a large queue of trucks and lorries and then I came to guard number one!

I said hello and asked if he wanted to see my passport, he explained that this was a border for vehicle only and I thought great this may take some time… I chatted with him for about ten minutes and explained that I had come from London and had researched it and the internet said that I could cross here. He said wait a minute and went to make a phonecall. 15 minutes later he came out and chatted to me about where I had been and where I was heading, when he was happy with the small talk he waved me through. Phase one complete!

I next had to go to a different guard a bit further on who handed me a bit of paper with some writing on it and then waved me through. Simples.

Third check was the passport check, the guy asked me a few questions of where I was going and what I was doing and also kept checking my picture. I am sure facial hair doesn’t make me look too different but he got a colleague to double check and everyone was having a laugh about the guy on the bicycle but it was all good humored.

Finally I got the stamps and then I went to the next check which was customs, I think the woman had had enough by this point and couldn’t be bothered to deal with me so let me through no problem. Finally I was through and saw a ATM machine and a garage, I got some cash and bought a map for equivalent of 1 GBP so was happy and found this hotel. Tomorrow I shall have to make a dent in Ukraine but bike is running well. I am feeling good and it is getting colder but I am happy with the progress.

Lets hope things can carry on. I shall leave you with a video I made this morning when I awoke to everything covered in snow. Here it is;