Another country bites the dust! But I will never under estimate Germany it is a vast country with many lanes and ups and downs to get lost in.

The weather wasn’t great but I guess more fool me for doing this in February and the condition I had not even considered before taking on this thing was poor visibility. There were days where I could not even see what was 10 m in front of me coupled with trucks roaring past on a dual carriageway my life was well and truly in my blinky lights hands.

The back tyre kept getting punctured which didn’t make me happy not when it happened three days in a row I thought something was up with the tyre, riding marathon winters from London and it appeared the studs on the rear wheel had been pressed in to the tyre and had made holes on the inside so not ideal, I have now changed to marathon supreme tyre on the rear and it is holding up well. Touch wood.

Germany was tough, the weather and winds were unrelenting but happy to pass it and feel I am growing stronger by the day. East will add new challenges, languages and currency are some of the key changes.

I am now on one road to Ukraine so let’s hope I can do it quickly. Feeling good and happy to be rolling on.

Slow and steady wins the race.