Okay so we are on the way, I am currently in Koln, Germany fixing a few things with the bike racks and ensuring that things are running well. I have noticed a niggle with my knees so think I am wise to listen to my body and have a little rest. I cannot stay for more than todaz though so things will have to get better otherwise I will have to load up on paracetamol.


I have enjoyed the riding through France and into Belgium, Belgium was wonderful, you can cross pretty much the whole country on cycle ways. The hills started with Holland which was strange for a flat country but made it into Germany which seems to be the country of many cycle paths but they do not seem to go anywhere. Navigation is a bit of an issue when chopping and dicing these paths but I am looking forward to getting to Poland where the single road for a while is what awaits.


Incase you havent realised I am not going the same speed as some of the others. They are doing a great job! I wish I was going a little faster though, I have visa deadlines I need to meet but all is well for the meanwhile. Lets hope this afternoon of r&r does me good!