Okay so this has been coming for some time but I finally got out to do this and test out my new camera as well as look at the stove I will be taking around the world. This stove was given to me by Primus and Rosker, the UK distributor and for that I am grateful.

The stove is not out for public sale yet and when it will be it will be £175 RRP. With the OmniFuel stove coming in at £145 you are paying £30 for essentially a stove which weighs half as much so if you are a weight freak then this is the stove for you!

The advantages of this stove are it can take any fuel, you name it, it will take it. In the video I used a canister as I didn’t have anything else to hand and the performance is good. I am also using the Eta Pot 1L which is good enough for what I will need it for and I love the kind of frying pan lid which comes with the pot.

Unfortunately this is the first thing I have really done on video so the camera work could be a bit better but hey, things can only get better in future so I apologise but I think the general points are the same. Here is the video, hope you find it useful!

Next blog will be talking about travel jabs and the hole which seems to never end and swallows up your money including the jabs I needed to get, the costs and the timings needed to get them in time.

I also have my charity page online so if you want to donate at all here is the link for two worthy causes. http://www.mycharitypage.com/StuartCyclesWorld