Busy busy busy!!! What a couple of days I have had as usual… Thought I better get started with the vaccinations against all the horrible things which could happen to me on the road but unfortunately my GP is down in Dorset and I am currently based in London so I had no choice to make the trip home for a few days to make sure I knew what I already had and what I need to get done.

Looking into train fares wasn’t much fun though, with me trying to keep costs down in every area of my life now, (haven’t eaten anything different from pasta, salami and cheese for dinner for quite some time) I thought I would just ride home, Harrow to Dorchester with the route I took equalled a lovely 140 miles, something I will have to be getting used to quite soon so I loaded up the bicycle with gear incase I needed to camp somewhere and set off at 6 AM. England has to be one of the bumpiest countries, no sheer hills but you never seem to be riding flat in England which keeps the riding interesting.

I got into Dorchester at around 4:30 PM so was happy with the progress seen as I had a break midmorning and a lunch stop. A few days in Dorchester was a nice change and I got the list of what I had and what I needed. Darn these vaccines business isn’t cheap !

I also have acquired maps for all areas I am going and am working on visas. I have picked up my Russia visa (Hooray) and am working towards the next one.. Things are slowly coming together and you would hope so with one month to go!

I also picked up my new stove courtesy of Primus when at home, a new OmniLite Ti, it is a beauty I will be doing a video review of it shortly to show what everyone can look forward to when it is released in the Spring!

I shall leave with this beautiful and true statement in the wise words of Jay Z, I got 99 problems but a Russia visa aint one.