Okay, I am just a little stressed at the minute with trying to get everything sorted so I can make it to the starting line. Some of the things which are on top of my list to be done are getting my visas. I have worked out that I need to get a Russia, Kazakhstan and Chinese visa before leaving the UK so am looking at the forms and hitting embassies, fortunately I am currently based around London so getting to embassies is less of a struggle. I will write a full post on the hassles of visas once my hassle is over!

Jabs and anti malarials is another biggie. I need to get all sorts, rabies jab, typhoid, anti malarials for parts of China and Laos and my arm becoming a pin cushion is the least of my worries. This is all in hand, once I finalise what I need should be able to sort this pretty stress free although wallet heavy!

The bicycle! I’ve left it kind of late to get this sorted but yeah, my bike could do with a few tweaks before the off, I have been into my local bike shop in Dorset, out of all the ones I have been in, here I got the best service in the past with a full sheet of what had been done during a service what parts changed and what problems may be coming up soon and the price was good and had a chat with the guys, hopefully we can sort something out soon and get the hub and other amendments slapped on the bicycle. I am sure there will be developments on this shortly! The bike shop is Poundbury CycleSport thoroughly worth checking out!

The route! So many different border crossings, locals only and keeping an eye on the FCO website ahhhh, nightmare. It’s all coming together though and I am happy with what is happening but just looking forward to pedalling off into the February sun on February 18th (Fat chance). Finally the rummage to ensure I have all the kit. Need to get a few more things but am leaking money out of my ears. This isn’t great so trying to be frugal but don’t want to be short so stress isn’t helping me keep a clear head!

Finally a challenge! A challenge eh. I will be cycling from London on February 18th into a lovely Winter, I would like to camp and cook as many meals as possible on the road. Nothing like bivvying under the stars and this is why I propose to camp in as many locations as possible. Hopefully I will not get disturbed but will try and get a photo of every camp spot and if previous trips are anything to go by there will be some less than discrete spots to laugh at.

Best be off now, early start to a certain embassy tomorrow. Wish me luck!