The route has been a major dilemma for me to choose for what I want to do next year. I thought that I want to do something exciting and go to places that I would never visit on their own and see some of the massive countries in their entirety. Therefore this is the initial plan.

Route for GBR 2012

Leaving from London and heading over to Dover will then take me through Europe and into Russia before crossing into Kazakhstan. From here I plan to travel into China before crossing into Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and riding down to Singapore. I then plan to catch a flight to Melbourne and cycle across to Brisbane before flying into Wellington where I will cycle up to Auckland crossing my antipodal point. I shall then catch a flight to LA where I shall do coast to coast of the USA before flying to Lisbon where the final slog back to London shall occur.

I think that routes faster than mine probably exist but as I am on a low budget and want to see different places I am happy with my route and plan to ride it fast even if the roads aren’t great! Next on the list is to look into the visa arrangements and see what I can sort out in London before setting off. The more the better! But yeah here we are in November, all kicks off in February, it’s all feeling a bit more real!