Okay so time is flying and it is hard trying to keep up with everything. A year ago I was in Nepal and now I am four months away from setting off on another great adventure and I cannot wait to finally get away. It seems like yesterday I dabbled my toes into the idea of this race and before we know it, it’s gonna be upon me.

The problems of Winter lead to limited training for a number of reasons. Obviously the weather is getting worse and therefore I am finding it a little more difficult to get out on the bike although I think I am doing more regular miles than ever at the minute. I seem to of landed on my feet when it comes to finding somewhere to live for the term of university which I am currently in. The roads to university in Uxbridge from Harrow are generally fun to cycle and it’s a 15 mile round trip which is quicker than the bloody tube and bus so I know what I prefer to do! I am also in range to cycle to Watford which is also similar distance. This is more of a country ride and makes me feel a little less likely that I’m gonna get hit by a big red bus any minute! So with these new cheaper ways of getting to where I need to get I feel I am saving much needed money.


However through always either being at work or university, I am finding it hard to do the levels of training which I would like but I guess it is all about getting the balance right and will all work out well in the end. I would like to do an attempt at LEJOG towards the end of November/start of December which should be interesting with the weather conditions. But apart from this it’s full steam ahead with trying to finalise the route and ensure I’m there on the 18th February.