After a beautiful Tibetan bread and egg for breakfast, we decided what stuff we wanted to leave in the teahouse at Sinuwa as we would be returning in 3 nights time. After this my bag was quite a lot lighter and we got ready to set off! I was slightly anxious as to whether I may have left anything important but thought everything would be fine after all I could do without the sweat soaked boxers and other clothing!

Views along the route.

At first the path was undulating greatly before we reached a small bridge crossing where we stopped so people could take layers off. After this strategic stop the path tok a steep climb upwards for about ten minutes which was tough going before reaching a plateau. Another short break at the top we were all relieved and not knowing what was going to come next.

Next on the agenda was dreaded steps. Steps are the one thing which every trekker must hate especially when they seem to go on and on and on forever. Although they were mainly downwards, after a bashing to the knees we reached our first little settlement of the day, Bamboo! Although the interesting name, we had to cover a lot of ground on this day and therefore had to walk straight through despite spotting some lovely rum on sale in a store.

The path took us into a forested area and rose gently although the ground was hard under foot with lots of roots and smooth ground, before we knew it we were in our second settlement of the day, Dovan where we again carried on straight through with the promise of lunch at the next settlement which had the highly original name of Himalya, on that note I find it quite amusing whilst trekking in Nepal the amount of lodges which will be called Everest lodge or something very similar!

When reaching Himalya we were all pretty tired and it was nice to stop but it was also extremely cold, after putting on some layers and even my trusty down jacket, we decided to eat inside and this was probably a good idea as when we had finished we discovered we had missed a rain shower. I had ran out of water by the time we had reached the lunch stop so needed to restock my supplies however the lodge only had boiling water I had to chance it and put it into my bladder, this was a bad idea and stretched the bladder significantly and made it look pregnant. Luckily I had some trusty carabiners with me so I hung my bladder to the outside of my bag to increase its cooling capacity and to prevent an explosion on the half melted plastic bladder.

Feeling a bit wet in the cave!

The path was upwards as always and I found it quite hard underfoot carrying my bag but I carried on going and it seemed like forever but eventually we came out of the forested  area and into open ground, we carried on climbing in drizle until we came to a cave where we stopped briefly for shelter and I took some photos and a video!

It was very rewarding to have a break here and really boosted moral as we could see where we would be stopping for the night and it didn’t look higher than where we were or too far away so it gave us all a lift and we carried on crossing a few precarious bridges before completing the last little ascent and we came to the lodge where the rain seemed to be starting to come down a lot heavier.

I tried to dry some of my gear out and relax before the night was through and it was a relatively uneventful night with everyone quite anxious about the next day as it was the big one. Everyone in the lodge seemed to be doing the same thing, making the trip to Annapurna Base Camp the next day so there was some nervous tension within the air.