Today started at about six when I decided to get up and the room was quite cold but I braved the frostiness and got everything ready before heading outside. It was quite foggy but as the sun came up the clouds were turned red which looked quite nice.

Red sky.

I settled down to a cup of tea and waited for breakfast and the others to surface, they came down at about 07:10 and we got breakfast which for me was Tibetan bread and boiled egg, the egg was a little runny which was a change from usual and made it a little harder to eat but was still delicious. After breakfast I packed up the rest of my things and bought some water before we set off for the day’s journey. I hadn’t really done any research on what the terrain would be like for the day so it was a surprise and a pleasure to be starting on a long descent to a river.

It was a good morning because we didn’t see too many other people and upon reaching the river the inevitable steps up the other side were upon us. The steps went up for quite a while but I was feeling good probably because it was still early and we were making good progress, the path pretty much undulated for a long period and the ups were a lot longer than the downs so we were gradually climbing again.

We came past the path which had to be changed due to a landslide and the new path is a bit higher but means that the journey into Chomrong isn’t as hard, this is where we stopped for lunch and egg veg noodles was the food of the day again. We could see the place we wanted to get to across the valley and it was higher and a steep path leads to it so we knew there was a climb in store.

However as we set off after lunch the path went down a lot of stone steps and it was a bit demoralising knowing that we were heading down quite low before heading back up the other side, the weather was also changing so as we started the ascent up it started to rain a little and we walked for a little in the light rain. The ascent was a good 500 metres and Bimal had to run off to ensure we were going to get a room for the night.


Finally, the long climb in the rain was over and we had made it to Sinuwa, on arriving all I wanted to do was go to bed in reality but we had a very warm welcome from the owners of the lodge and we were the first to arrive there that day. The lodge owners were a family and the woman were very beautiful. I was happy to be done for the day! First things first, we needed to shower and sort out our wet stuff which was done quite efficiently. We obviously wanted to make use of any hot water there was before other groups got to the lodge and also to hang all our wet stuff so we had claimed our spots on the washing line. We did this quite methodically and were relaxed and done before the next group arrived. We picked what we wanted for dinner and had a few drinks. It was nice to relax and we had a plate of chilli chicken whilst drinking which went really well with the rum and was very tasty.

A French group arrived and were quite loud but as the night went on they weren’t too bad. We also spoke to an American guy who was doing the trek before hitting Burma and told us that his wife didn’t like trekking much so was waiting in Pokhara for him which seemed a bit of a shame for him having to do it on his own but he seemed in good spirits. We probably drunk a few too many bottles of rum this night but we were happy that we had survived quite a hard day.