Trekking Day 1: Nayapul to Tikhedhunga, 15/11/10. Woke up in the hotel in Pokhara at six o clock and started to get ready for the day ahead. This pretty much involved getting my boots out ready to be worn and making sure that my water bottles were filled up. By 6:30 I was ready to go! So went down to the dining area of the Yeti Hotel where breakfast was there waiting for me. I had 2 fried eggs which had runny yolks which is always nice, toast and fried potato and onion. The food was good and was the perfect amount to set me up nicely for the day ahead.

Looking down at a market selling Tibetan goods.

A taxi was outside waiting to take me to the bus station, so I grabbed my bag from the room and got the taxi with Jagan and Suke who were my friends from the village and we shortly arrived at the local bus station where we had to buy tickets to get the bus to Nayapul where we  would start the trek. There were not many tourists at the place and we got onto the bus so that we could get going. Firstly I had 2 seats to myself with my bag in the gangway in the middle of the bus. It is important to note that most of the big cities in Nepal, well particularly Kathmandu and Pokhara have a public bus station and a tourist bus station, as I was well connected with the locals, I rode the public buses all the time, these tended to be cheaper and were a better way of seeing the country through not adapting a tourist vs local mentality.


The bus filled up quickly and I soon had a young man sitting next to me who kept falling asleep and leaning in to me, the bus journey was longer than I thought it would be and it seemed that we were travelling for ages especially as the urge to go to the toilet came on the minute we pulled out of a toilet break. The roads were similar to every road in Nepal, cutting through the vailley sides and we got overtaken by a taxi containing the rest of the group just before we got to Nayapul. The bus stopped further down than the rest of the group so we had to walk up to meet them and once I had got my poles out I was ready to roll. We walked through a couple of market places before the track eventually got off the road and I had the opportunity to relieve my bladder.


The path was gently undulating for a long time and we crossed a few sturdy bridges before the stop for lunch. I chose the egg veg fried noodles and so did the other two from the group so we awaited our food and talked a little. The food was good and I could see why we had stopped at this place. After lunch the path climbed upwards and some of the steps were quite steep and it was a little hard going but once again it levelled out and we had a short undulating journey to the lodge that we were staying at that night.

Lovely views trekking.

Upon arrival we were shown to our rooms, I had a double bed and my own room which is always nice and settled down to a tea, it was still early with us arriving before 2PM. I decided what I wanted for dinner and chose the tomato, cheese and onion lasagne, it is amazing what food they can cook up at these remote locations. The food is very similar along all the treks however and can get a bit tedious. I relaxed for a bit and noticed all the porters from the various trekkers were outside playing a game which looked very similar to snooker so I went to have a look.


The game involved two teams of two people and you have a white counter which you have to flick into the other counters and try and get the counters in the corner pockets. After potting all the discs, the final red disc has to be potted to win the match. This carries on until the team first to 29 wins gets the honour of winning the game and playing the next challenging team.


We had a drink or two of rum and coke before dinner arrived. Generally, alcohol is available at all the lodges along the way and it varies in price, the more remote the area the more you will pay for a beer. I got quite hooked on bottles of rum as a 180 ml bottle of rum would be the same price as a beer usually. The rum also tasted quite nice so this was my tickle of choice. Dinner soon arrived and it tasted good. The next day was advertised to be a day of going upwards so I thought it best to get an early night and trickled away to my room at 7PM ready for an early start in the morning.