As you should be aware. February 18th 2012, is the day the Global Bicycle Race starts and the day I plan to leave from Greenwich Park in London and head on a journey taking me around the world on a bicycle with the aim of becoming the fastest human to have ever completed the feat.

Obviously, this is not a cheap task and I am trying to raise awareness and excitement around the event and am delighted that Dorset Cereals share the same feeling towards my participation and have agreed to support me from this point forward in aiding my training for the event. Dorset Cereals, is a company based in Dorchester where my family home is located and have a very natural ethical message throughout their brand. I aim to spread the eco message whilst cycling as it is one of the quickest and enjoyable ways to travel.


Hopefully I can announce a few more surprises in the next few days and update the site with more content towards the race, as I have been looking into things a bit more carefully. I would like to add a map, a proposed kit list and also share a blog about the difficulties I am having with choosing a bicycle. Obviously spending this much time with a trusty steed is hard to decide on what the right combination of materials will be best for the challenge. I also aim to add a page showing the two charities for which I would like to raise money for through my participation in this challenge.