Hello, apologies about the lack of content over the past week. I have had one of those things which we all hate, an essay. Therefore I have spent a lot longer than I should doing everything but the essay and being able to do nothing productive towards it or anything else. Thankfully, the essay has been finished and submitted and now I can relax again till the exams in May which will be good fun for sure!


I have thought about rejigging my website a little bit and suiting it more towards the main goal of the Global Bicycle Race and my participation in the event. I have been training hard as ever and had the opportunity to go to a brilliant event in Leicester Square last Tuesday called Night Of Adventure. It was a charity event for Hope and Homes for Children and raised a stunning £9,000 for the charity. The format of the event was different guest speakers from different backgrounds giving presentations on their travels. These included Ed Stafford, Alastair Humphreys and Steve Dew-Jones to name a few. The event was really well organised and apart from a few technical hitches was thoroughly enjoyable. During the interval in the middle I noticed Sarah Outen walking about who I had just finished the book of her adventure rowing the Indian Ocean and learnt about her ridiculous challenge to circumvent the Earth under her new power so went up for a chat. Overall it was a great event and I will definately be going to events in the future.


The bike! Hark the bike! The toughest decision to be make in theory about the cycling around the world. So many decisions to be made, whether to go ultra light, whether to go for something more comfortable. Rohloff or not?! These are the decisions playing on my mind throughout the past few weeks. However I think the struggle in my mind is nearly over. I think I may have settled on a firm choice for a bicycle to take me around the world. This is a key day for me as no other object will get to know my buttocks so well as this bicycle. It will be my trusty steed and thus will get the nickname Bullseye. I aim to share more information on this trusty steed towards the end of April and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


Still such a long way to go before the start line, but I feel the progress is good with preparations. Hopefully if I can keep things up, being ready for the great adventure will be the least of my worries.