Okay, so ever since my beautiful toy arrived on the 4th of February. I have been on quite a vigorous training schedule to try and improve my fitness and get things to a high level. I have been training for just over a month now and have just under under 150,000 metres under my belt which is fun.

Celebrating my NJIRC 2008 victory.

I don’t know what it is that first attracted me to enjoying this type of training. I guess the boring repetitive movement is good endurance training and gives the body time to think and focus on other things. The training is hard and sometimes can kill my arms after a hard session but it’s all about conditioning the legs ready for the cycling in the summer when I leave London!

Here is an overview of my training thus far;
4353m 18 min 4th February
4415m 17.22 5th February
5000m 19:11 500/1.53 6th February
7610m 30 miin 1:57.8 7th February
5000m 19:03 1:52 8th February
5000 10×500 1’r 9th February
Rest day 10th February
10,000m 39:39 1:59 11th February
5000m 18:54 1:53.4 12th February
7725m 1:56.5 30 min 13th February
Write off 500 metre leisure 14th February
Write off 500 metre leisure 15th February
7660m 30 min 16th February
5000m 19:00 17th February
Home 18th February
Home 19th February
Home 20th February
Home 21st February
5000m 19:02 22nd February
13k 2:00 23rd February
18:53 5000 24th February

View from my current training position

Rest 25th February
Rest 26th February
Rest 27th February
18:51 5000m 28th February
18:28.4 5000m 1st March
10,000m 38:31 2nd March
5000m 18:56.3 3rd March
7767m 30 min 4th March
Weekend 5th March
Weekend 6th March
5000m 18:58.5 17′ 7th March
Rest 8th March
5000m 9th March
2000m 500×6 5000 total 10th March
500×10 min 1:46 11th March

So yeah if anyone can make sense of that well done, if not then it is mostly 5,000 metre rows with the odd variation here and there, days off are either rest days or days when I had drunk alcohol so did not train. More fun times on the beautiful machine in the future, aslong as my hands don’t fall off!