So, I was stuck in Besisahar with no way of getting back to the village where I was staying the night and the night was getting darker and colder with all the waiting trying to hail some kind of vehicle to give us a lift back. I started to look around and saw a few hotels, surely it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we had to stay the night although it would be a bummer and I wouldn’t be able to get my pig meat.

Besisahar view.

A bunch of Nepali people in uniforms were walking the streets with big sticks. I was a bit concerned with their presence. Although these guys are the Nepali police, they wear uniforms which look military and I didn’t know whether our form of attempted hitch hike would be frowned upon or not and crikes their big sticks looked mighty big. One of the group broke away from the rest and came over and started to talk to Jagan whilst looking at me. I imagine the conversation was a bit of ‘who the hell is this dude? Why you with him?’ Jagan turned to me with a smile on his face and explained.

Turned out the policeman was his friend from childhood and he hadn’t seen him in a while and there was nothing to worry about. He still had a few hours left on his shift but told us to walk around with him for a bit. We joined the police and their mighty big sticks and patrolled the neighbourhood for a bit until it really was getting late, and I was a little concerned that no one would be awake when we get back, people generally go to bed early in Nepal, past 9:30 PM is seen as late. When we finished our circle the policeman sprang into action, getting a whistle out.

Shiva the Destroyer

Strolling into the middle of the road it looked like he would be performing spot checks on all the vehicles going through. He stopped a small tractor but let it go through shortly after and then a minute later a big lorry was rolling through. The authority of the policeman forced the lorry to stop and a conversation ensued with the driver. He gave us a look and then a smile and the passenger door opened. Turns out the policeman was pulling everyone over to see who was going our way and getting us a lift back to the village. Score! A free lift and a ride in the 1960’s style hippy trucks which seem to be all over Nepal. We sat on cushions and in addition to us there were three boys as passengers in the vehicle. I am not sure whether they were hitching or worked with the man. However they proved useful when trying to pass something on the Nepali road system. Cliffs are generally at the side which you want to pass and the vehicles get very close to the edge it can be a bit frightening.

During the journey we talked and laughed with the people in the truck. Had fun looking at the statue of Shiva the Destroyer, the vehicles in Nepal also seem to have a statue of a God in them and it isn’t uncommon for incense to be burning freely within the car. After what seemed like forever we turned up back into the village and everyone was stood outside waiting for our return which was very warming. I handed over the pig meat to Jagan’s sister in law and waited for the dinner to be served. Finally some pig! It wasn’t bacon and it wasn’t gammon but it was nice, and a change which was welcome. After dinner, we talked long into the night and it was funny to see that an 8 year old girl was playing translator and an intermediate level in communication between me and others within the household. All in all a fun trip out!

Similar to the truck I hitched with.

So yeah, all ended well, which was nice. I think my next Nepali blog will be a totally unedited version of what is written in the diary, this could prove quite interesting as reading back on some parts, it could be quite fun. I have a very interesting day about a visit to the temple and also an interesting day regarding Diwali celebrations which saw me out partying till 4AM unheard of.. All good things to come!