Okay guys, due to the great guys who run London’s transport and there great inability to get me home at a reasonable time most days, I’m leaving the Corsica post for a day to keep you in more suspense and thought I would share some things about my training.

As most people who know me know I like to use the rowing machine a lot for my training and this led me to get one for my room at university. Don’t really know any other students with gym equipment in their room but I think it is vital as it would be all I would be doing if I were to have a gym membership. Ever since it’s arrival I have been trying to train ever day with kind of a one day rest in a week and trying to push out 5000 metres minimum per day.

Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and chill out!

This weekend I had family come visit me in London so I thought I would probably be not training and this played on my mind. To make way for this I thought that I would do a big day the day before they came and hence I pushed out over 25,000 metres in the three days leading up to their arrival. As predicted they came down and I ended up drinking alot and eating alot and generally having fun.

You hear a lot of stories about sportsman at top levels who feel they cannot even have a day off ever and they have a total alcohol ban. I think that this can have a negative impact on a training and I was happy to see people and to be having fun and therefore didn’t feel bad about not training. The Friday I drunk a lot of alcohol and then on the Saturday I eat to the max and also drunk a lot again, even some chocolate beer (I would recommend it, honey beer is also good). The Sunday then turned out to be the cup final day so I had a drink in a pub whilst catching the end ruling another day out of training.

However today, after the three day break I thought I would do a 5000 metre challenge and see what time I would get in it. I thought that I would just try and do it at a comfortable pace and not really push hard as I wanted to ease myself back into it gently. I don’t think I went very hard on my body at all and feel totally fine with it and low and behold I set a new fast time since returning to training in 2011. Which is all good and shows me that it’s not all about strict discipline and no social life. Occasionally a good couple of days doing other things is the best way to settle the mind and help motivate your training.

The weather is also showing signs of turning with brighter nights now. Would love to get out on to the bike sometime soon. I think Summer is going to be very fun.