The rain, oh the glorious rain. Water the substance we need to survive, however when it is coming down so hard without a jacket on you start to curse it. Fumbling around trying to decide whether to get a jacket out or whether it will pass the figure from the bushes comes into view. Inevitably it was wonderful stick man with his warm smile and soggy stick ready to make a dash for the camp.

The calm before the storm at camp after the day!

The rain was really coming down and the thunder was louder and louder. If only I had my gadget of a watch for this trip. I may have actually found a use for the storm alarm, however me and stick man now sought the inevitable. We were both wet and thought there was no place to shelter so got to a very patchy tree and tried to stand under it whilst opening our bags and looking for something to put on. The joys of carrying a 70 litre bag and putting a jacket at the bottom. ‘Oh it’s Corsica we will be chilling out by the beach for the whole trip, I guess I’ll take a rain jacket just incase but I am not taking waterproof trousers.’ Foolish after finally finding my jacket and getting the rest of the inside of my jacket wet in the process I looked over to stick man to see what he would pull out of his mysterious bag of fun. Finally an object emerged and I was astounded to the bravery of such a man.

A hat! A hat! The guy didn’t need any jacket no! He knew he was wet and didn’t care. He thought changing his headwear was enough and as the language barrier was too difficult for us, after a few grunts and a thumbs up we were ready to head on. Walking with stick man was a special moment, I was his ears and he was my eyes leading the way. The moment was beautiful apart from the bellowing thunder and the monsoon style rain. After about five minutes a shout from above!

The WORKING stove.

Is it God? Is it Jesus? No.. its just the rest of my group. They had managed to find refuge in a cracked bit of Earth and were sheltering with a German couple. This looked like a good idea, I signalled to stick man to get his opinion on the matter and he agreed so we headed up to hide in the crack and actually not get barraged with rain. Typically the rain started to die down and we carried on the move with the camp in sight. This spurred us on and I started to think about the lovely food we would be cooking on the stove that night.

The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful, stick man decided it was best if he walked alone.. or I just ended up walking off with the others so we would all walk into camp together. We found a nice place for the tents and it was a really beautiful campsite kind of on a plateau with beautiful views in all directions and some overly friendly horses but what can you do! Tent up.. Clothes out to dry and what to do next. Turn the thoughts to food, nothing could possibly go wrong.. that is what I thought and yet when getting the lovely MSR Pocket Rocket out of its little case and getting the gas out I realised a major blunder had been made. French gas canisters are not screw on specifically and we had gone and bought click on ones which just weren’t going to go with the Pocket Rocket ahhh crap I thought!

Useless, could I find a use for it.. Perhaps.

The trip was in jeopardy however, I thought it could go on and be more of an adventure this way but I didn’t see the delight on the others faces.. Oh well. Luckily there was a random half broken gas stove leaking but working randomly about so we used that for the night and as we were a group of four we had two gas stoves and one had the right fuel so I guess we would just have to ration incredibly well. No one seemed to agree with my thoughts that raw hard noodles were actually quite nice. The clouds were forming and it didn’t take a storm alarm to tell us a storm was coming in. Two hours couped up in a tent followed. Brilliant, no gas, two completely useless canisters and some unhappy campers.. all we needed now to polish the trip off was a serious injury. It couldn’t possibly happen in the next 2 days could it.. I guess you’ll just have to keep reading to find out!