Okay, so today I thought I would talk a little about a trip which I went on last year with a few friends to the lovely island of Corsica, I wasn’t exactly sure the location of the place before setting off, however the promise of a nice beach managed to persuade me to sign up. However at this point I wasn’t aware that I would potentially be missing the World Cup for the honour.

Getting to the start line for this trip was hard enough. I was going with three other people all from Scotland and therefore the lonely Southerner had the task of making his own way to the airport to fly out to Nice. The only problem was that I was at Glastonbury and knew I would be quite vulnerable on travelling. I decided in the end to bite the bullet and leave Glastonbury in the afternoon on the Sunday and miss Stevie Wonder and the last night frolicking. Looking back though, it was definately the most sensible idea.

The ferry leaving Nice, Nice weather!

The next morning in Dorset, I had a bright and early start to get on my favourite train up to London knowing that I had little time from when I got off of the train and running across town to Euston so that I could get a train to Luton airport. Oh the beautiful London transport system which never lets me down! This day however, the sun was shining and the trains were running. I got to the station 10 minutes earlier to find that my train to Luton had been cancelled.

Oh you…. London transport, you joker… you, I glanced acrossd the boards and sparkling on the far board a train was about to leave in a mnute. I got my running shoes on and dashed across the station and down a few escalators to arrive at the platform in the nick of time to get on the train. Success I was getting to the airport and nothing would stop me! This train was faster than the other which was a nice added bonus.

The airport was a very standard affair and the others arrived. We checked in and gave our bags to the desk who you just know love big rucksacks and are going to treat them with such care and attention. Shortly after this we were on the plane and off to Nice where we stayed a night before getting a ferry over to the island.

The ferry pulling into Corsica.

This ferry journey was my first mistake. I have not a great deal of sun tolerance so deciding to sit outside for the whole journey in a blue sky in the middle of the ocean was probably not one of the cleverest ideas I have ever had although it probably beats falling asleep in it… by the time we pulled in to Corsica, my legs and arms were like tomatoes and to make matters better I had no sun cream. Perfect!

Leaving for Calenzana and the start line.

Have no fear, a shop had the solution for me, a bottle of sun cream and the price was only 30 euros; a bargain for a millionaire. A third of my budget. We set off on our adventure, had our boots on and started walking out of town and towards the start of the GR20. We thought that the 10 mile walk didn’t look like much on a map but walking on a side of a road for so long can be quite soul numbing and I don’t think I was the only one who really did not enjoy this initial walk. The sun was roasting and the roads were relentlessly dull and straight.

Tough walk finally arriving in Calenzana for the start..

Hark in the distance, a glint of a town sign of Calenzana. We finally made it! Time for bed I felt and was happy to throw up my trusty steed, the orange tent. This tent has seen so much action with me, even though it now isn’t even waterproof I love it and has seen many continents and countries.

A very red me, during the first day.

The GR20 is quite a difficult trekking route and it was nice at the starting lodge in Calenzana as everyone there was about to embark on their own epic adventure and there was a great excitement lurking in the air. After dinner, everyone seemed pretty tired and we did not want to be the last to leave in the morning as it shows bad preparation.

The morning came, we were the second last group to leave and started the gentle stroll out of Calenzana and towards the mountainous scenery vivid to us if we tilted our neck and looked up. My sunburn was causing me grief but hey. The open air, the freshness, being self supportive with a good group of people what more could one want? What could go wrong? I will be continuing this blog daily until it is finished. I thought I would stop here to stop it being one massive post!