Okay, so ever since my new rowing machine arrived. I have been more motivated than ever. Lots of people say that when they get a piece of gym equipment at home they lose motivation and never use it. I, however don’t see how this is going to be possible for me as I like it too much! Training for this stupid running event which I will continue to curse whenever I mention it is going well. I’m feeling pretty light and hopefully, if I can find a decent pair of trainers for the event then the 102 miles will be a purely painful, masochistic pleasurable experience. Looking forward to it in a strange way. The news of the 365 marathons in 365 days by a Belgium runner is incredible and makes me think that this feat of endurance may actually be possible.

I am rowing upwards of 5,000 metres a day and the times are already come down, don’t think I’m anywhere near my national championship winning performance of 2008 but I’m sure I can beat my 2000 metre time of 6:36.8 within the next 2 months and that will be fun! I am as busy as ever. Not really got a lot of time to myself with all this trying to raise sponsorship and fund malarkey I’ve got going on with my studies but am confident it will all be worth it in the end! Looking forward to a weekend in Dorset soon, hoping for some good weather so I can maybe get out on my bicycle a bit on the rolling hills! This is just a quick update and later tonight I will try and write up another fun extract from my Nepal trip. I have over 250 pages of notes so it’s taking me a while to process it all but I’m getting there!