Okay, everyone who knows me, knows that I have a love affair with the Concept 2 rowing machine. Ever since I was old enough to go to the gym I fell in love with this bit of equipment and I can’t explain why. I thought it was a bit of fun and the fun has never stopped. However, what can possibly be fun about dragging your body through hell doing a long piece on it by yourself with no audience to even say well done after your 30 minute/hour/2 hours of hell.

I think that the pain of the rowing machine is quite addictive. You know that it hurts and it hurts a lot but the benefits of it are better than any other exercise I believe. The movement is very low impact so damaging muscles and joints happens rarely and the satisfaction of seeing your time decrease over time is a great feeling. For my first few months using the rowing machine, I thought I was alone and different using the machine almost obsessively when other users at the gym would use it for a warm up and rarely spend more than 10 minutes on it, whereas I was happy to spent any length of time on it and felt like I was receiving odd looks whilst using it.

After a two year absence from my life, I have managed to get a rowing machine for my room which is quite nice! The training is back to normal and I am slowly turning the distances up again. Training over 5,000 metres a day which is a nice workout and will get me back to good fitness in no time. Rowing is a great exercise and is great for cross training for other sports. Many good rowers are also excellent cyclists and vice versa.

The advantages I find of having this machine back into my life is that I now have it so I can hop on in the morning or hop on before bed and ensure I do a good work out. I also have the satisfaction of knowing that the machine I like to use is always free and it is a beautiful way to make you feel like death if only for 30 seconds after you finish when the endorphins kick in and you realise you have done a pretty good workout.