Ok, so it has been a funny couple of days, and am just about starting to feel normal again after a bit of a binge at the beginning of last week and then the excitement of a rowing machine arriving in my flat for the pleasure of being always down the side of my bed incase I ever want to have a little row. Super!

My budget at the moment is pretty amusing to the common person, I am cutting corners on everything that I possibly can to try and save the money for the summer fun and stuff which could be happening next year. Big excitement for me if everything works out well, but ever since I agreed to this bloody stupid stupid challenge which I regret a lot but hey I am committed now so I either collapse on the day or I finish the run we’ll see how it goes, I have been trying to watch what I am eating.

The irony in healthy eating is that it costs more than say, unhealthy eating which is totally unfair. You go to Iceland and you can get a ton of food for like a tenner, but try that with salad and fruit and vegetables, it just doesn’t happen and therefore I have had to find further ways to cut my budget. This is ingenious and I owe some of my knowledge to the people of Nepal.

For a treat sometimes they heated some water for my showers!

During my time out in the country, I had to wash under the village tap like anyone else in my boxers, this was quite amusing at some points and also quite awkward when the girls came up wanting to wash clothes and just waited and watched you wash. The point I am trying to make is, the shampoo that they use out there is non existant and it is all done with a bar of soap. A bar of soap out in Nepal costs 22 rs or about 18p and is pretty cheap in the UK, also a bar of soap lasts quite a long time. Score! I managed to get two bars of a lovely fragrance soap for a quid, that should keep me going till end of March and I smell fresh!

Another tip I have learnt is that roll on deodrant is so much better for conserving money, think how often you use a spray deodrant and the amount that is wasted on pointless tasks and then think of a roll on, you only use it for it’s purpose and therefore it lasts 2-3 months, quite a bargain for like £1.60 instead of a £3 spray which lasts a month at best.

Shaving, the pain of every man. Why do we shave? Aesthetic reasons of course, nobody likes a hairy unkept man, however the cost of a razor these days and the effort is not something I feel the need to factor into my day to day life. I shave when I have a social event coming up where I feel it appropiate otherwise who cares. I am happy and a bit more richer and even have something to stroke when acting knowledgable, the advantages are endless.

Back to the rowing now, and hoorah! my favourite bit of equipment in the world is here and I can get back to my training. As rowing is quite a low impact sport I plan to get my base fitness high by rowing 10km a day and then continuing with the rowing when I am a bit lighter in 2 weeks time. I am no sports doctor, however I have faith in my programme and am determined to do this bloody 102 mile-however-many-times-you-say-it-it-doesn’t-sound-any-less easy race in 24 hours or under. If only to drown my sorrows of the pain of my legs afterwards.

Ok and finally, the latest news on the Friendship Highway, the team have looked into all of the possibilities of the route and everything and we feel that the main block in our path is getting the Tibet permit to be allowed to do the trip. We are currently looking into this in more detail and feel that it will be resolved as long as we stay on our toes and get a bit of luck! Next entry will be another extract from the Nepal Diary.