Okay, so after the stupid few days of the card issues, I feel I am back on my feet and feeling pretty good about things. The diary which I took out to Nepal and recorded the day to day life which I was supposed to be doing had been misplaced and I had nearly given up all hope of seeing it again and felt bad about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to relive my experiences but hey presto, it has decided to turn up so I will ensure to write the best days out as blogs so that everyone can experience the crazy living that I experienced.

I can walk with weight but not run... Help me!!

Things are coming along with the Tibet trip also. Visas look like the biggest issue which is quite a problem but am pretty sure it can be sorted and that September can go ahead. How awesome it is going to be to see Everest Base Camp by bike and get back to a beautiful corner of the world which seems to of hidden under a curtain from influences of the Western world.

Apart from keeping myself busy with work and study, I have also started to run. I think there is some truth in people saying that they are built for certain things and I am one of those people who is not built for running. I hear my brother has an illustrious reputation for running like a dinosaur so I am very conscious as to not contract this style. However I have also been stupid to sign up to something totally ridiculous which I am probably going to regret until the actual event is over.

Ed Stafford, the guy who walked the Amazon has some friends in Leicester who organise a 102 mile bike race and feels that this wouldn’t be much of a challenge so proposes to run the 102 mile course in 24 hours to raise money for charity. It’s such a daft challenge when I got wind of it, I thought hey that could be fun in a twisted kind of putting yourself through hell challenge. I expressed an interest and have recently confirmed my attendance, so on May 20th at 4PM I will be setting off along with Ed Stafford and other crazy people to run 102 miles, the equivalent of 4 marathons back to back hopefully to finish by the time the bicycle race finishes at 4PM the next day.

The only thing which makes me less worried about this challenge is to think that it is going to be more about endurance and mentality than ability and I like to think I have quite a strong mental strength, so with proper training to get in the best possible shape, unless I fall over and can’t get back up. I will give it my all to finish, as I hear there is a heavily discounted pub waiting at the finish if I can walk to the bar.