So, I left work on the 24th January and hitted up to Marylebone station where I was gonna catch a train home, I thought that I would get money out as I didn’t have any and drew some out of the ATM at the station and thought nothing of it. I arrived home and all was good in the world of I. I ate a pizza and felt pretty swell apart from the fact I was having to go to work the next day aswell so had a relatively early night.

Work the next day, same old slog in the morning to get out of bed and actually get my ass to Covent Garden so that I would be able to be there on time. My timekeeping skills seem to of got better and I made it with plenty of time. Standard day of work and then the lunchbreak. With the pizza leftovers of the night before I had quite a substantial lunch and decided to go for a walk and look for some headphones for exercise so I can get the training for Tibet up to scratch with some nice music on the move.

I happen to work just around the corner from the Apple store in Covent Garden so went in there on the chance that they would have some Dre Beats sport headphones which I am yet to see in the UK and they did! After wrestling with the high pricetag I thought it would be cool to give it a go so took them over to an assistant who was busy talking with all her colleagues. Don’t know how Apple run their stores but it always seems when I walk in, the staff outnumber the customers and they don’t actually do anything, often they are standing around in circles talking amongst themselves. Great!

After interrupting one of these circles a young girl came to serve me. What I found surprising was her approach to the sale. ‘Why do you want to buy these, have you seen them.’ I asked her why she came out with such a comment and whether she had tested them or just didn’t like them. She tapped at the price and said ‘Look at this, what a joke, they are just headphones if I were you I would test them for 14 days and bring them back and say they are uncomfortable and we will give you your money back.’ I couldn’t quite believe this attitude but thought I would still go through with the transaction so cracked out my card and did the whole process. Unauthorised! Huh what is this magical word. In a world of overdrafts and electric money this shouldn’t be happening. I try again and its unauthorised again, I thought maybe this was someone’s way of telling me that I didn’t need this headphones. Either way I left the shop empty handed and wondering what was up with my card!

Entering the bank at Covent Garden, please note everyone, if you ever need to do banking and don’t have much time in London this is the place to head. The banks are always empty due to the amount of tourists about there is never a queue which is swell! Check my balance and my card is maxed out! Huh! Printing out a ministatement, 15 iTunes transactions have been made for £25…. Great I’ve been frauded and I have 10 minutes left of lunch. Good times..

Speak to the lady at the desk who was most helpful and put me through to the fraud department who were also pretty helpful. they wouldn’t act until iTunes confirmed the fraud. However one of the richest companies in the world decided not to have a customer service phone number for iTunes and only has email support. After cursing the company numerous times, I realise its gonna be a little while before I can get an answer from them so decide to leave work to get on top of things.

The Apple website really is pathetic, your email will be put into a queue with first come first served so wait 24 hours and you should have a reply. Thanks Apple for making me feel the true realities of no money for the whole night. This morning came around and I had a reply so was waiting for the bank’s fraud team to get into work so we could get this sorted. The guy was most helpful and he talked me through everything which was sweet and a few hours later everything appears to be sorted apart from my card being cancelled.

The moral of this story is don’t trust the Apple store with selling a product very well and if something like this happens you probably don’t need the headphones and I probably won’t be picking them up anytime soon.