Everybody knows that when you are a student, the food takes the least priority out of all of the money that you possess.  That is why with my grand inventiveness and challenge to whittle down the food budget to as little as possible. I think I have come up with a winning formula which works well for the minute. I feel I have a weekly food budget which is balanced and comes in at £7 a week. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. I’m spending £1 a day on food. Score.

How I do this, you may wonder. Well, I am saving for various projects which are a great incentive to eat cheap and also, I’m not even drinking too much so the health benefits are all good! My weekly shop consists of; apples, bananas, bread, ham, mayonnaise (lasts three weeks!)  peanut butter and a pack of pitta bread. I’m getting all the fruit I need to and I’m also getting the carbohydrates, vitamins and protein. What more could a boy want! Been sticking to this quite religiously for the past 2 weeks and am having no problems with it. I guess in Nepal eating the same meal of dhal baat  which is basically rice with a lentil soup and some vegetables twice a day every day has killed my taste buds and this is more than satisfactory.

Time is also very important to me and by the ingredients that I have, I’m taking very limited time to make any meal. Perfect more time to do the stuff that I like and less time eating. Good times all round. However, even with this low food budget, the strains of being a full time student in London bear on my shoulders, everything is a rush and the anticipation of cycling the 1500km from Tibet to Nepal in September is my incentive to keep going and the £1 bottles of rum will sure be a message to chill out.

I have a new project on the go however, am not ready to fully commit to it as of yet so will leave you in the dark, however it is sure to be an exciting year. Good times.