Okay, so you already think that the world is against you when you get a timetable for the new term and realise that you have a lecture at 9 AM. Everyone knows that students don’t like to get up till atleast 10 at the earliest and yet one of the eight hours a week your supposed to be in university happens to be at 9 AM, great one timetable guy. You’ve ruined my midweek lie in.

So I set my alarm for 7:30 giving me plenty of time to get ready for the lecture in the morning and leave the house at 8 AM giving myself plenty of time to make the lecture. Cursing the time of the day whenever glancing at my watch. Walking in to Harrow on-the-Hill station checking whether trains are running normal is a sad but necessary thing even though you would have thought they would have that correct atleast; ‘Minor delays due to a signal failiure at Rayners Lame’ is the message of the day. Great! Minor delays, I can live with that although it always seems to bloody happen.

Eventually a smelly met line train turns up and the journey is under way. A 9 AM lecture is unfortunately still a possibility and the train ride is pretty uneventful for a while. We get to Ickenham a station 2 stops away from Uxbridge and the driver comes on the loud speaker; ‘Hey guys there is a train stalled at Uxbridge we are gonna be here till further notice.’ Brilliant, stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting to get to a bloody lecture which is too early and that I had already committed to and being stopped by the lovely TFL and their crappy broken trains.

To make things worse the driver kept repeating his message every minute just incase we weren’t aware that we were stuck in a station and not moving anywhere. After about five minutes a new statement was released; ‘Yeah guys, the train is broke, we probably won’t be moving for like an hour or two so get a bus, cheers.’ Excellent, about 400 people trying to get to work and university huddled round a bus stop trying to get on a small bus for like 50 people. Thanks TFL for not putting on any extra buses at this time!

After two buses went by rammed past capacity, the next thing to do was be clever and backtrack a bus stop or two to ensure a bus would have room for me. All the buses were coming from Ruislip station and met trains were running this far, meaning all buses were rammed and very much a survival of the fittest attitude took place at Ruislip station to get on a bus when it pulled up empty, I felt sorry for any old people as they didn’t have a chance.

I saw my opportunity when a bus pulled up and I was close to the door with about 200 people around the entrance trying to get on the bus driver, who we shall call Bill was very agitated and quite amusing in his random shouting and rambling throughout the journey. The desperation to get on the bus was  pure comedy, with people pressing the emergency open button for the backdoors and piling on.

A forty five minute bus journey ensued, where everyone had the same objective of just getting to Uxbridge and yet we did some bloody stupid route! I think the bus journey took pleasure of ruining everyone’s day. As my soul was slowly dieing, we pulled into Uxbridge and I rushed off to university. Looking at my watch when I arrived it was 10:40, 20 minutes left of a lecture. I refuse to be that embarassing soul who walks in with ten minutes to go so went elsewhere till it finished. Fuming with my near three hour journey I had to chill out, so went for a breakfast at the union with a beer at 11 AM, congratulations TFL you have driven me to drink.